Visitor management made for manufacturers

Bolster security and compliance with real-time tracking of who is at your facility, and save valuable guest and employee time

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Check off every step of your visitor management requirements with ease

Receptful helps you simplify the list of considerations your manufacturing company must take when someone walks through your doors

  • Custom check-in workflows
  • Customizable badge printing
  • Collect legal documents and NDAs
  • Notifications via SMS, Teams, Slack, email & more
  • Secure, digital visitor information log
  • Contactless check-in

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Meet and exceed security and compliance needs

Receptful helps you collect all the visitor information your business needs to know who’s in your facility and stay compliant with regulations like ITAR, C-TPAT, FSMA, ISO, and more.

  • Citizenship verification and document requirements
  • Collect and store NDAs and other signatures
  • Provide legal documents in multiple languages to better assist visitors and your legal team
  • Display required safety videos
  • Customized badge printing
  • Screen future visitors with guest pre-registration
  • Set expiring visitor fields so guests must re-enter necessary information on a schedule you choose
  • Contactless check-in
  • Schedule visitor data reports to export on a custom schedule via CSV or PDF with the specific information you need come audit time
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Visitor management security you can trust

We take your company data as seriously as you do. Receptful has been independently awarded a SOC-2 certification, which confirms a company-wide commitment to rigorous data security and privacy guidelines.

SOC Audited

Get a look into facilities everywhere, from anywhere

Manufacturers often juggle a range of visitors and access points across several locations. Simplify every step into one powerful dashboard.

  • Access and manage every location from one user hub
  • Set user permissions by employee, role, or location
  • Two-way visitor communication
  • Easily export visit log data
  • Stay in the know with scheduled reports

Integrate seamlessly with your current platforms

Receptful is designed to work effortlessly with, and elevate, the tools your business already uses.

  • Automated visit notifications via SMS, Slack, Teams, and more
  • Sync employees using our integration into your User or Group Directory (SCIM), LDAP, or any major corporate directory provider.
  • Integrate watchlists for security
  • Share crucial visitor info across systems seamlessly
Receptful integrations including Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Radiant

Simple to set up, easy to scale

An intuitive platform makes it a breeze to build a customized, branded check-in experience – and replicate it quickly across locations.

  • Customize check-in workflows for visit types
  • Create a unique branded check-in experience with your logo and style
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop badge design
  • Quickly duplicate locations and workflows as your facilities grow
  • Location management provides a single hub to manage check-in at each facility
  • Provide the same experience across your global locations with multiple language options


What is your pricing?

Our pricing is tailored to each business and its unique visitor management needs. Some manufacturing facilities only need the basics (guest check-in and employee notifications) while others need much more robust capabilities (enhanced security features and integrations). Contact us and we’ll work with you to get you specific pricing.

Receptful is only compatible with iPads at this time. The app will run on any iPad that is able to run iOS 13.0 or higher. If you don’t already have iPads you can use at your facility, get in touch with one of our account executives and we’d be happy to work with you on supplying them.

Of course! Our team’s signature Radical Support® is provided at no cost to every Receptful customer. We care about your success, and the best way to do that is to be here when you need us, without you having to worry about upcharges. To prove it, we offer free unlimited support (even during your free trial) to answer any questions you have. Once you become a customer, you will have a dedicated customer onboarding specialist on hand to help you through the onboarding process and ensure you get Receptful implemented successfully at every location.

No – although Receptful is brought to you by the same team behind The Receptionist, it is a totally different system! After years of serving existing manufacturing customers on The Receptionist, we saw a gap between the industry’s unique visitor management needs and those of many of The Receptionist’s small-to-medium business users. Instead of building workarounds or complicating a product that works great for many of our customers, we built Receptful from the ground up with manufacturers in mind. Receptful is designed for global enterprises to help them meet both internal and external compliance needs across many more facilities, especially when those locations may have different protocols to follow.

Yes, Receptful will work globally at every location your business has. Since nearly every screen’s text is customizable, you can prompt your users in whichever language or wording you’d like. Receptful will let you set up your check-in experience to display in multiple languages so that visitors can opt to check in in the language they’re most comfortable with. Note that additional fees or restrictions may apply outside of the United States and Canada for features using SMS.

Receptful is not designed to replace an access control system at your facility — it works in tandem to ensure you’re only permitting access to authorized guests, and you can confirm that those guests are who they say they are when they arrive at your facility. It’s simple to integrate Receptful with your current security platforms like door systems, RFID badges, and more. Keep track of everyone entering your locations, collect any information necessary for compliance, and automate approval and entry in just a few clicks!

If it doesn’t currently, get in touch with us! Our account and engineering team would love to work with you to find a solution or build one. As an early customer of Receptful, you get to get in on the ground level and help us build a visitor management system for your unique needs.

Yes! Although the term Visitor Management System (VMS) may be a bit misleading, you can use Receptful to track and manage anyone in your facility, whether they are visitors, employees, focus group participants, contractors, visiting employees, delivery drivers, or any other visitor type you can think of! Build customizable check-in workflows for each separate visitor type and request the different information you need from each type. While you might need other guests to sign legal documents or enter citizenship info, you can create a specific employee check-in button that only asks for identifying information, like a PIN, and expedite their entry.

Receptful’s billing is designed to be as painless and secure as possible. Need to issue a purchase order for invoice billing? No problem. Get in touch with our sales team and we can send you a quote that you can supply to your purchasing department. We’ll work with you to get set up in your vendor management system. We’ll even activate your account or ship your product upon receipt of a purchase order.

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